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Fetal Care Center: Treatment for Twin Pregnancy Conditions

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Jade and Lily Biffar are energetic toddlers today. But in utero, they were diagnosed with a serious fetal condition known as Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). Specialists at the Fetal Care Center performed a successful emergency fetoscopic laser procedure, and Lily and Jade were born healthy.

To learn more about treatment for twin pregnancy conditions at the Fetal Care Center, download the publication: A Closer Look: Twin Conditions.

Fetal Care Center: Treatment for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

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Midway through their pregnancy, Dan and Dorothy Olds learned that their baby’s heart was located in the extreme left of his chest, a possible indication of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). More tests confirmed Baby Lincoln had a Bochdalek hernia that would require life-saving surgery within his first two weeks after birth. Families referred to the Fetal Care Center’s CDH team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital can count on an experienced, team-oriented approach that results in the best outcomes.

To learn more about treatment for CDH at the Fetal Care Center, download the publication: A Closer Look: Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

Fetal Care Center: Advanced Fetal Heart Care

Baby Austin was diagnosed via fetal echocardiogram with double inlet left ventricle by specialists at the Fetal Care Center.  Doctors monitored Austin with monthly fetal echocardiograms until his birth at Barnes-Jewish. With only a single ventricle present, Austin required surgery six days later.

During the seven-hour surgery, the pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Louis Children’s Hospital called Austin’s parents with updates every hour from the operating room. “The doctors here made us feel like we were the only family they were focused on,” says Misty, Austin’s mother. “All the specialists worked together to share their opinions about Austin’s care, and we put all our trust in them.”

To learn more, download the publication: A Closer Look: Advanced Fetal Care.

Innovate Women & Infants

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Innovate Women & Infants, published by Barnes-Jewish Hospital, contains news and features about the innovative breakthroughs for maternal-fetal medicine physicians, nursing professionals and others working in the field. Read Innovate Women & Infants.

Fetal Care Center Family-centered Approach

Outlook Magazine

Read more about Fetal Care Center specialists and their family-centered approach in Outlook magazine from the Washington School of Medicine.

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